The first jazz club in Romania "Jazz Forum"

Was established and opened in the Palace of Culture in Ploiesti (whose director was at that time Prof. Ion Stan) on March 18th , 1968, it had only 16 members and was organized by Professor Alexander "Puiu" Comanescu (President) and Puiu Mancas(Vice President).
On the 4th -5th -6th  of April 1969 the 1st Jazz Festival was organized, among the we could name: Titel Popovici, Robert Kovacs, Paul Weiner, Richard Oschanitzky, Stefan Berindei and Aura Urziceanu.
On the 9th -10th -11th  of April 1970 the 2nd of the Jazz Festival was organized, among the guests we could name: Mihail Berindei, Stefan Dako, Johnny Raducanu, Eugen Gondi, Dan Mandrila, Richard Oschanitzky and Marius Pop.
Between the 29th  and 30th of May 1971 the 3rd of the Jazz Festival was organized, among the guests we could name: Johnny Raducanu, Marius Pop, Stefan Berindei Mihai Popovici Berindei and Titel.
Due to pressure from the communist regime the first Jazz Festival in Romania was moved from Ploiesti to Sibiu, where it operates even today and is known as the Sibiu Jazz Festival.

On 24th  May 2003, 25 Ploiesti jazz enthusiasts gathered in the foyer of "Toma Caragiu" Theatre and together with the Theater Director at the time Mr. Lucian Sabados they founded the Cultural Association "JAZZ FORUM 03".
The 25 founding members were soon joined by other 30 enthusiasts of the genre and together with the honorary members of the club: Alexander "Puiu" Comanescu, Puiu Mancas, Michael Guest (U.S. Ambassador in Bucharest) and Philippe Etiene (France Ambassador in Bucharest) managed to organize 7 editions of the Jazz Festival, 50 concerts and hundreds of meetings in nearly 1 decade of existence.
The 7th  edition of Hot Jazz Summit in 2012 brought another Honorary member in the club, in the person of the great musician Ron Carter, who gladly accepted to join the club’s tradition of Jazz in Ploiesti.